Disinfect, Protect, & Remove Odors Quickly

Sanitizing & Deodorizing Service

Using fast acting cleaning solutions, our Disinfecting Service clears unwanted odors and germs from your commercial or residential space.
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We generally respond in under 30 minutes

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minimum job fee of $125

Tenant Turnover

Remove remaining odors and sanitize your entire unit

Facility Disinfection

Kill Covid-19 and germs to keep staff healthy

Odor Removal

Diffuse left over smells from smoke, animals, or similar nastiness.

Peace of mind

If you've been in contact with a confirmed case, you'll want to sanitize.

Disinfecting Services that are great for..

Whether turning over a rental, needing facility disinfecting due to a confirmed case, or just trying to remove unwanted odors.

Odors Gone

Our cleaning solutions neautralize hard to remove odors quickly and effectively.

Tobacco & Cannabis Smells

Remove unwanted smoke sells from residential spaces or automobiles.

Pet Smells

Did someone say accident? Remove unwanted dog, cat, or other pet odors.


Neutralize the harsh smell of gas without using unsafe chemicals.

Mildew & Mold

Neutralize damp and nasty smelling mildew.

Food & Pervasive Spices

Keep food smells in the kitchen - and remove the pervasive smell of your neighbor's famous family reipce.

Excrement & Urine

100% odor free in just a few minutes. Great for indoor or outdoor spaces.

Fast Acting, Effective, & Safe.

Based on Chlorine Dioxide, Midsouth Removal's deodorizing and sanitation solutions work fast to create healthier and happier spaces.

No residues

CIO2 leaves minimal to no detectable chemical residues.

Fast Acting

Reacts and breakdowns in hours, not days.

Small Molecule

90% smaller than hydrogen peroxide, which allows our chemistry to reach where others can't.

Deodorizing Service Benefits

Midsouth Removal's proprietary cleaning solution makes odor and germ elimination a breeze.

Disinfect with our Electrostatic Solution Spraying

Fast acting and safe, our Electrostatic Solution Spraying provides total coverage of all surfaces, and maximizes the impact of your sanitation service.

We use only the most advanced spraying technology to effectively remove all unwanted odors and germs.

Less than 4 hours to re-occupy your space

Our proprietary chemical solution works quickly to neutralize germs and odors, and quickly breaks down to create a safe environment to return to.

Deodorized and eliminated

We guarantee service satisfaction, creating an odor free and healthily sanitized space for your home or work.
MidSouth Removal
Serving greater Memphis, MidSouth Removal is here to help you take control of junk. We guarantee faster service at a better price.
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